You have been lied to. You can Get Faster!

I know this hurts but yes you have been lied to by coaches and players alike. There is no such thing as you have been born slow and you can’t do anything about it.

Actually this is a myth which has been busted by Alex Maroko. And by random luck I got into his training program and managed to increase my speed.

So what’s the horrible myth? Well that some people were born to be fast and others were born to be slow. This can’t be any further from the truth. If you have the dedication and do the right training you can increase your speed.

Here’s another shocking factor, most speed training equipment is meant to make you slower.

Yeah it looks cool and fancy but if it gives you any results it will be a small one. Another downside would be that you would have to buy all that equipment.

But why would you if there’s a way that you can increase your speed without and equipment what so ever?

I remember this all too well back in high school, I dreaded the fall. Because usually I had major pain issues in my feet. During the summer I was lazy mostly watching TV and playing on the computer then school started.

In every PE class we had to do 50M dash. Besides that we had to jump in the sand as well. These two exercises put a lot of pressure on my feet which were not used to it, thus pain was holding me back.

Of course the 50M dash was mandatory and you had to run it under 8s to get a good grade. I tried and I tried but I couldn’t get even close to it.

My dad (who is a physics teacher) wanted to help me. So he talked with a coach who took me on and examined me and my running style. His conclusion was that some people were born slow and there’s nothing to do about it.

I accepted that and excelled in marathon style running. Sadly he has passed away a few years back so I can’t tell him how wrong he was. Thanks to this new training method I managed to crack the 6s mark for the 50m dash.

Why is this myth spreading? Because people are lazy and they don’t know it better. They heard it from someone else and if you hear something from different people you start believing that and also preaching it.

Also when I heard it from the coach who was well known I accepted it because I though he has years of wisdom under his belt.

If I managed to this you can as well. I was considered one of the slowest in my class. Now at our 10 year reunion I can beat anybody, but this wouldn’t be fair. Because most of them are out of shape or have gotten fat.

Many people ask me if this speed training workout is for running only? The answer is no. Alex and his coach have perfected this training method for multi-directional sports like: soccer, football, basketball, baseball heck even hockey players can increase your agility.

Think about this, how would you feel when you know that you are the fastest person on your team. You can outrun, out dribble anybody? Being the fastest can give you the feeling of invincibility.

When I get out with my friends to play some hoop I’m the first pick. This feels amazing.

Many people ask me how long does it take to see results. This mainly depends on you, how much can or how willing are you to train. I started seeing results around 2 weeks. I might be an exception because I was slower than the average. Usually people see some good results in just 3 weeks.

As you can imagine the training isn’t easy. But you are not wasting hours upon hours. On average you have to train around 9 minutes a day. Commercials last more than 9 minutes / movie.

Isn’t this amazing? 9 minutes a day and in a few weeks you see amazing results.

Best of all you don’t need to waste money on fancy equipment just to look cool. I always laugh when I see coaches forcing players to tries those parachutes, they don’t work.

What you need is a mat, chalk and a wooden box on which you can hop on. It’s simple as that. You can’t go any basic than this.

I’ve have tried this method and boy the results are breath taking. Oh yeah I’ve almost forgot to mention this, your skills won’t deteriorate in time or as soon as you stop your training.

Here’s the major difference between, Alex’s approach and traditional speed training routines. Traditional options build your muscle, and once you stop stressing them they will be gone. Have you seen body builders stopping? The same exact thing happens. They deflate and there goes the performance as well.

So just to recap why I fell in love with Alex’s Quickness training.

  • You don’t need to spend on equipment
  • Strong and short workouts around 9 minutes long
  • Long lasting results which won’t deteriorate after stopping
  • Fast result in juts 3 weeks
  • It helps any athlete

If you want to prove yourself this training guide is the one that you should try. If you want to prove everybody that there’s no such thing as the slow gene than you can’t get anything better than this.

It’s time to make a choice, do you want to get fast or you want to believe the myth. This is up to you.